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“The Security Maturity Assessment has helped us understand which improvements to our cyber security operations should be prioritised and why. With this, we were able to create an actionable strategy for the coming years.”

Giles Antonio Radford, Director Organisation
Transcome Grupo Empresarial


Our SMA has been developed from over 15 years’ experience in designing, delivering and supporting security solutions to major organisations across the globe. We understand the current and emerging cyber security landscape as well as anyone in the world.

A unique blend of a powerful technology platform, and consulting expertise, the SMA is a thorough assessment of your capabilities. A lead consultant from our Cyber Security Advisory Services team will guide you through the process.


Displayed on your dashboard, your organisation-wide security maturity score indicates how fit for purpose your cyber defences are.

Get a clear breakdown of your score across business functions (people, process, technology) and security areas (prevention, detection, response). Understand how your maturity score compares with that of your competitors.


After your primary consultant has completed your assessment, the Cyber Security Advisory Services team will carry out an internal review and quality assurance of your results. Once complete, you will see a set of actionable recommendations and clear priorities on how to increase your organisation’s security maturity.

Build truly effective cyber defences and controls quickly, and cost-effectively.


Your individual dashboard includes the ability to generate one-click executive reports for your leadership team and executive stakeholders.

Executive reports include:

  • an explanation of the security maturity assessment methodology
  • your individual executive summary
  • your overall security maturity score
  • a breakdown of your score across key areas
  • your actionable recommendations and priorities

Provide your executive team with the insights they require in order to help them make better-informed project and investment decisions.


You will receive ongoing access to the online assessment portal, allowing you to continually monitor, track and improve your security maturity score over time.

Optionally you may also receive access to our Cybersecurity Advisory Services (CAS) team as you implement your recommendations. Start collaborating with our cyber security consultants and leverage their capabilities and industry expertise to help further enhance your cyber defences.

Sign Up For A Webinar

Webinars for the Security Maturity Assessment platform run on Monday’s and Wednesday’s each week. Please complete the form to receive details of how to register for the next available session. Webinars last for 30 minutes during which time a consultant will:

  • Explain the SMA process
  • Walkthrough the online application
  • Show a sample executive report
  • Explain pricing tiers and options
  • Answer any questions you may have

We look forward to speaking with you soon.