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Identity and Access Management

How do you enforce your security policies when the users are accessing resources beyond the traditional organisational realm? The growing number of cloud-based “as-a-service” solutions present new challenges for organisations.

With solutions placed between the user or the service consumer, and the cloud, SecureLink can help you consolidate multiple types of security policies for multiple services. The Cloud Access Security Broker solutions provided by SecureLink simplify management and help organisations take control over identities, both managing them and controlling access rights. Examples of areas covered include authentication and authorisation, single sign-on, encryption, logging, credential mapping, and much more.

Another high-risk area related to Identity is that of privileged accounts. Privileged accounts are a critical tool for any malicious intruder, who will need to gain privileged access in order to perform the desired attack. It is also a challenge related to trust. We need to trust our employees that they will safeguard company secrets, but we also need to verify and follow up on that trust. Both personal and non-personal privileged accounts need to be controlled and audited, in order to ensure our systems and information assets remain secure.

SecureLink delivers both technology and competence within the area of Privileged Account Security. We help ensure privileged accounts are managed securely, passwords are kept secret and controlled, and that full audit traceability is possible.

Make sure your security policies are enforced, even with the growing number of cloud-based “as-a-service” solutions. With solutions placed between your users and the cloud, SecureLink helps consolidate multiple types of security policies for multiple services.

Privileged accounts are critical resources for any intruder, be it an external attacker or a malicious insider. These powerful accounts are the keys to the kingdom and must be properly controlled and monitored, to ensure they are not misused or breached.

SecureLink Secure Identity Management goes beyond password access and user management to a full identity management system that provides end-to-end user security:

  • Employee access to applications– provide single sign-on to apps and support BYOD so employees can reclaim their day, and give IT an easy way to manage accounts and secure access with automated provisioning of apps, device management and flexible policy
  • Secure mobile workforce – provision application accounts, enable SSO and manage devices and native app in a single, integrated solution with enterprise mobility
  • Multifactor authentication – enable flexible verification options, including SMS, security question, or soft token
  • HR-driven IT provisioning– faster, mistake-free on-boarding with automated provisioning of Active Directory and cloud apps driven by the HR system, with changes in employee status updated in IT systems in lockstep
  • Applications across multiple domains – newly acquired companies or subsidiaries come with their own domains to deliver SSO and security to all users
  • External access to portals – collaborate with partners more efficiently with ability to scale a business and offer a truly extended enterprise

The platform enables organisations to manage all user logins from a single place as well as mobile devices with access to company data.