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Mobile Security

One of the most important things users expect these days is: mobility. People want to be able to work at any time, at any place and on any device, they want to use apps, read their e-mail and edit content. The number of different devices they use while doing all this is only increasing.

This causes challenges security-wise. It’s all about two crucial things: preventing devices from being infected and maintaining control of the data stored on these devices. Laptops are relatively easy to protect; mobile gadgets on the other hand are a different story. People tend to install all kinds of apps, use various wifi networks and some even let someone else use their smartphones at times. They expect to be able to do their work quickly and easily. When they’re not able to do this using the options provided within their company they use third party cloud services.

And that only makes controlling and keeping the devices ‘clean’ a lot harder to do.

Thankfully, there are solutions to these problems. One option would be: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI. This keeps all the data centralized while keeping the users look and feel the same, no matter which device he or she uses.  Another solution would be to build a ‘container’ in mobile devices which keeps the work-apps and private-apps separated from each other. When using this feature the works-apps can only be opened when the device is secure, for instance by using a virtual private network (VPN) or different kind of encryption.

The solution depends on the company; for some security can be most important, for others flexibility is key. The main thing is to be able to track data and make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. There is more content on mobile devices than ever before, which is why could be usefull to prevent data from being copied or send through e-mail. Even in case of theft or loss – which no one even hopes to have happen – there are steps that can be taken. It’s possible to remotely delete data on devices which are lost or stolen with only a push of a button.

This allows users to get maximum freedom while the integrity of company data is optimally monitored.