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Datacenter Security

Traditional security is mostly designed around north-south traffic- traffic entering or leaving the network. Nowadays security needs to be looked at for east-west traffic- traffic between servers and/or applications within a datacentre.

Security monitoring

Having a security monitoring solution in place is not enough. You need to have people, processes and technology. SecureLink has extensive knowledge in this and our service is delivered out of our Cyber Defense Center 24×7.

For both security and compliance SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is required to help provide visibility. Detect and analyse security incidents, monitor who has access to your sensitive data, and report on compliance. You get full visibility from a central point.

Central log collection is critical for security analysis, IT operations, and compliance. With contextual data and human analysis, malicious activity can be detected. SecureLink SIEMaaS enables collection, enrichment, correlation and 24×7 analysis by our security experts.

Your security team needs to be empowered with actionable intelligence. SecureLink security analysis services utilize the power of technology combined with threat intelligence and human expertise. You get timely notification of ongoing and potential security incidents.