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Web & Application Security

Web applications continue to be hot targets for attacks. Either in their own right, or as intermediaries for secondary attacks. Attacks are performed using methods that exploit known issues, such as cross site scripting or SQL injections, but increasingly also using stolen user credentials. It is therefore critical to have protection that covers many different attack types and vectors.

SecureLink provides solutions for web application security, regardless of whether your web applications are hosted locally (in your data center) or remotely (hosted, cloud, as-a-service).

Protection against internal and external attacks, monitoring of access, and audit logging for incident detection and compliance reasons, are all security measures that should be in place. With intelligent correlation and analysis applied, web application logs are an important factor to quickly detect and remediate security incidents.

SecureLink has Web application firewalls in the portfolio that protects against the most used attacks, at least the top 10 attacks described by the OWASP foundation. Web application firewalls can be part of a complete application delivery solution whereby, next to security, availability is a key concern that needs to be handled well.