A visit to Dr. Blackhat

A visit to Dr. Blackhat: why is the healthcare vertical so attractive to cybercriminals that health data keeps leaking to the darknet?

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SecureLinkare Elin Hernborg shortlistad i Women in IT Awards

I september går Women in IT Awards & Summit Europe av stapeln i Berlin, och SecureLinkare Elin Hernborg (IT säkerhetskonsult på vårt Göteborg kontor) är shortlistad som CIO of the Year!

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Pentesting Stories: Hard shell, soft center

In this pentesting story the goal was to assess what would happen if an attacker walked into the office and connected to the network.

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With over 15 years of experience, we are trusted by some of the world’s largest brands.
We are experts at designing, delivering, managing and supporting leading cyber security solutions.

Secure the Cloud.

Cloud gives you flexibility, scalability and agility. But how do you secure your processes? Understanding cloud-specific requirements allows you to plan, design, implement and run your cybersecurity program efficiently.

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Managed detection & response.

Detecting and responding to todays world of evolving threats is a critical ability that requires continuous improvements. Do it right and your risk will decrease significantly and your productivity will go up. There is no such thing as 100% protection. Once you have accepted this statement it is time that you start adressing the threats you could not protect against with detection and response.

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