Troubleshooting an App-V issue on a PVS image

During a recent application implementation project, we ran into the following issue. Some App-V applications, which were installed locally in the PVS image, were unable to start or they were throwing various error messages. One of the applications which were showing errors, was MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) viewer. The error thrown at startup of the application was the following: “The operating system is not presently configured to run this application.”


The App-V client was 5.0 SP2, but App-V 5.0 SP3 was also used as a troubleshooting step. The PVS target devices were configured as such:

  • Streamed disk
  • Persistent disk (cache overflow)

Re-installing the application in the image, solved the issue for that particular application. However, we wanted to know the root cause of this issue, so we logged a case at Citrix. This was done because the behavior was not existing on a regular non-streamed VM.

After extensive troubleshooting together with Citrix support we discovered the root cause:

One of the registry keys (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\AppV\MAV\Configuration\Packages\<package ID>) containing the PackageRoot value contained a faulty HarddiskVolume number.

This volume was indicated as 3, whereas the streamed disk volume number was 2.



Correcting HarddiskVolume3 into HarddiskVolume2 did solve the issue.

The reason why the HarddiskVolume3 value got into the registry was because these applications where installed in the image on the template machine. This was the machine from which the initial vdisk was captured. During the installation of the particular App-V applications, the original disk was still attached which can be seen in the following screenshot:


This is issue is definitely not Citrix or PVS related, but can be encountered on such a setup.

To prevent this issue from happening again in the future, the original disk was detached from the template VM.


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