Whitepaper AppSense DesktopNow Versus RES Workspace Manager

AppSense DesktopNow and RES Workspace Manager are competing products to virtualize the user environment. At Raido we created 2 environments, one with AppSense and one with RES. Then we created a head to head battle to understand the flaws and the strengths of both products. This document describes our findings and intends to compare both products. It will help you in making an informed choice. The document only focuses on the technical differences, it does not take any financial, contractual or other parameters into account.

The document contains following chapters:

  • We start with a comparison of both architectures and enterprise scalability.
  • Then we run through the installation process of Workspace Manager and DesktopNow.
  • Next we explain two real-life scenarios for the creation of the user workspace and explain how to set those up in each product.
  • Then we put the Zero Profile solution of RES next to the Personalization product of AppSense.
  • This is followed by a logon test, where we take a closer look at the footprint and impact of both products.
  • We complete the document with a detailed head to head comparison to provide a rating for each section of the product.
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